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Gary Ackerman is an artist and gallery owner on the Big Island of Hawaii for over 40 years. He became the leading pioneer of the art movement in historic North Kohala and has attracted art collectors world wide.

Ackermans genre combines impressionism and abstract style, applying mediums including oils, fused glass, metals and wood. Creating multi-layered texture and unique composition gives each art work a three dimensional effect.  


His passion for the vibrant and diverse climate of the island speaks directly through his works of art.  With an eye for design and color he reflects the ever changing beauty of nature onto canvas and sculptural pieces. The studios enables him to freely experiment new and rare techniques.  He also paints on location to capture the light and dramatic moods of the landscape.  

For most of his life he has been passionate about traveling the world and studying the most celebrated artists and their paintings extensively.  Through continued years of experience and roads traveled he has fluidly mastered an artistic signature.

20180831_121411 (1)_edited.jpg

"I aim to capture the brevity and essence of the subject, to stop the world and create a moment in time."

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